Walk with us..

 Hello all , how are you today?

Is everyone doing ok and coping?
If you want to chat  about anything at all then feel free to email me. I am here if you need me.
So as you all know we have ben going on walks around the area we live in. Some places i grew up in and others are new places to us.
So here we go..
The Green Lane..this runs at the back of the school. Normally its full of dog walkers but not one was to be seen. They had left the poop behind though.
Tons of Acorns this year.
Here we go the Thigh Burner Hill as we call it

The hedges are full of berries and little birds all flitting in and out.

Nearly there, your blimming legs aches after this..it doesn't appear to be steep but as you walk it you feel it.
This little alley way is also steep and we fondly call it Dog Poo Alley..
This is the view from the top of the Pre Fab steps..can you see the Wind Turbine..
Think this pic is a misfire lol
This is the bottom of the Pre Fab steps..now these are horrifically steep .
A Magpie making its presence known in the Apple Tree that is on the corner of the hill and it seems you can just help yourself to them.
The view from the top of Pre Fab hill..isn't it gorgeous.
Another mis fire..
The top of Pre Fab hill..we love this walk and we walk up it looking at all the little bungalows and gorgeous gardens. You can't see the bottom of the hill but the next pic shows a view from the bottom.

This is a real thigh burning hill but i can say that we all feel so much better for our daily walks. We talk and have a laugh. We even go in the rain and it is so nice to have folks wave to us on our treks. When we walk we go round in a huge loop..so the Pre fabs are first then along the alley, along the road and down the lane. Takes about an hour in all .
It may not be the most scenic route or the most exciting but we are watching the trees change colours from the top of the hill and love it.
take care all


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