Scammers will have to try harder..

 Hello all, i hope that you are all ok and safe.

For the last 2 days we have had phone calls on our landline. Now, i have only ever given our number to Doctor's, Dentist and family. No one else has my number ..i have also used the TPS to stop phone calls.

Normally if anybody wants us they ring our mobile. If it's my parents then its the landline .

So the phone keeps ringing and one there the first few times then lo and behold a foreign sounding gentleman spoke.

Asking me to help him out by helping myself out to a better broadband service. Apparently he could tell my internet wasn't up to speed and would i help him by checking my router was be fair after the first 10 seconds of the call i knew it was a scammer. Normally i put the phone down but this time i told him 

" I am sorry but you shouldn't be speaking to me, i am on the front desk at Hammersmith Police Station and i can put you through to our IT section and speak to Inspector Smith..

He says "O ok".

Then i put the phone down..hope he is still waiting.

If i get any more then i will be demanding to know how they got my number and threaten legal action..this normally scares the living daylights out of them and they hang up.

My husband loves to egg them on(forgive the pun)..he actually pretended to be a chicken once and laying an egg whilst they were trying to get our details i nearly died laughing as they just didn't give up and kept on asking for details through him screaming he was laying an egg that was square and he was pushing it out.

Scammers are sneaky, despicable people. They deserve everything they get.

What do you to scammers or do you just hang up.



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