Cakes and Grapes

 Hello all, how are you?

The weather is definitely getting chillier and wetter.
We have had some outside jobs lined up and every time we say right "let's get to it" it rains. Instead i fixed my wind chime. The strings had snapped and the chimes were all over the floor. I restringed it and hung them as best i could at different lengths and bingo it chimes again. I also attached the hanging Clematis to more hooks and it now goes half way along the front porch. It is losing its leaves at this moment in time but come next year it will be glorious.
It seems to me that our garden is the only one on this street that has more than green in it..our Virginia Creeper Hedge and Beech Hedge at the front are just bursting with autumnal colours.
 It looks amazing from the top of the road.
Our afternoon walks are on temporary hold for a few days. Iris ad her Flu Vaccine on Friday and is looking and feeling like carp. Its so enjoyable when we walk..we can see across town from the top of the prefabs hill..over the last few weeks we have watched the colours creeping across the trees its totally breathtaking. We have also been Conker picking. What a bumper year it must be and the Acorns are huge. Look at the size of these..
Comparison pic..normal size one next to a huge one.

I harvested our Grape crop the other will have to forgive the picture but Iris had been at them.
They might be small but by crikey they were juicy and sweet. Unfortunately they have all gone now.

I also cut open my tube of Moisturiser..i squeezed and squeezed but nothing came out so the scissors came out and voila i now have at least another weeks worth of cream. Kind of annoying that you have to do that when putting it in a little glass pot to start with would help and not a tube of plastic.I am now stopping to buy that particular cream and will stick to ones in reusable pots.

We celebrated Iris's birthday with a cake and presents.

A chocolate cake with fudge frosting and rainbow unicorn sprinkles.
We have baked bread and cakes.
We have been having rich and creamy porridge for breakfast with honey or fruit.
Pancakes covered in maple syrup and boiled eggs with soldiers or just plain old crumpets slathered in butter.
I am going to make carrot soup this week. We have a sack of carrots already and more to come.

I did a small pantry shop to top up and i did buy loo roll in bulk.
We are avoiding going to town and shopping online still.
I am re reading my Stephen King collection and for school reading we are currently reading The Iron Giant.
I am looking forward to some cosy evenings all snuggled up.
The door curtain for the back door is going up this week as well keeps the heat in and my hallway warm.
I hope that you are all taking care of yourself and each other.
Be kind
love to you all


  1. A foolish question: how do you get your porridge to be "grainy?" I loved this in Ireland, but can't figure out a way to do it in the U.S. It's much more filling that way, as well.

    Another foolish one: what do you use conkers for? I've heard of having battles with them. Do you eat them? (Are they the same thing as chestnuts? Because I know about 'horse chestnuts' -- and they're not edible.)

    Some of King's books are worth reading over and over. I try to do this with "The Stand" and "On Writing," particularly.

  2. Hi Cindy..all i do with porridge is just add milk and some hot water and bring to the boil then simmer for a few minutes. I use the Smart Price Rolled Oats from Asda or Morrisons. We don't like smooth porridge it has to be thick and creamy.
    I use the conkers mainly for Autumn decoration, some i will plant and try to grow and apparently if you pop a conker in the window sill it stops Spiders..this does not work. The size of the spider in our hallway the other day was had boots on and i am pretty sure it opened the door to the kitchen lol..
    We don't eat them as they are poisonous.
    I have quite a few Stephen King books..i am currently re reading Insomnia ..few chapters in and loving it.
    I found The Stand quite long but good and i have never read On Writing.
    Have you tried Joe Hill..The Fireman..he is Stephen Kings son and this book is amazingly good.

  3. Lovely post! I am missing being around horse chestnuts so my pockets have no conkers! Must be the first time in ages. Will just have to encourage the Mr to take a detour next time we go out in the car......


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