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 Hello all ,how are you?
It's the last day of Sunshine today for a little while and whilst we normally go for a lovely walk in the afternoons today we didn't. Fern has a stomach ache and then some kind of vomitting excorcism came out and that was the end of our plan on walking. She is fine now bless her..having a rest upstairs. We have no idea where it came from but glad to see the back of it.
My husband and son have been to the allotments and harvested Potatoes and Sweetcorn plus Carrots, Swede and more Cabbages.
We have paid our yearly allotment rents and also ordered 2 ton of manure to be delivered so the chaps can dig it in..replace the goodness in the soil. I am still wanting the Polytunnel up but we have been informed that there is to be no AGM until 2022..convenient for them😠.

I have sorted and frozen the Sweetcorn..it so delicious and all mine yummy.

I made some Treacle Scones..definitely sound better than they tasted. I was not impressed but everyone else loved them.
I have been making Slow cooker puddings. The Treacle Sponge one was simply amazing.
I am looking into buying some liners for the slow cooker..the greaseproof paper is good but i can't get the fit right and i had to soak my pot for a while to remove burnt on Treacle.
I am making the most of being at home more,  school work and time learning. Our fave thing to do is pick a letter from A-Z and then look in the Encyclopedia and just randomly choose something to learn about.

We are making the house more cosy all  ready for those dark nights. I have got my throws out the airing cupboard and refreshed them..i have some lovely little tea light holders that give a lovely warm glow.
I have to admit that this time of year is my favourite.
I cleared the girls wardrobes and sorted clothes to pass on..i have listed the rest and already sold quite a lot. I also have a big bag for the Charity shop..my mum has offered to take it when she goes.
I will be changing my wreath to a lovely Autumnal one.
I have been re-reading some books and listening to my playlist on Alexa.
I have been enjoying the beautiful sun rises and sunsets..watching the mist roll in and the sun disappating it slowly..so beautiful. Listening to the rooks and crows all calling to each other and our lovely little Robin family tweeting away. Its a sound that money cannot buy along with the feeling of being the only one watching and listening is totally awesome. I know i am probably not but i like to think i am.

We have done a smallish Pantry shop to top up and hopefully we won't have to go anywhere other than hubby's  work  and our son's work. Keeping ourselves to ourselves and no visiting relatives. I love my older girls and grandchildren  too much to pass anything on.

I have added to my Ladybird Collection, much to my delight. On one of our walks we went past the Post Office and it was totally empty..i popped on my mask and went in and there on the shelf just peeping out was this gorgeous beauty.

Its in  amazing condition and the best thing is it only cost 50p..yep 50p.
It is now on my shelf along with the rest of my collection.

I am keeping safe and my family too..i hope you are all doing the same.
take care all


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