Back to work..

 Hello all, how are you today?

I am not going to state the obvious but its flipping hot.

Well my lovely husband is back at its early mornings for us again. He is only back part-time at the minute until things return to the new normal. It was a bit of a shock to the system being up that early after nearly 4 months of getting up a little later but it was so nice and a lot cooler than i expected. It means finances will be tight but we are in a good place with no debt so we can definitely stretch those pennies.

I decided to bake this morning as my kitchen was lovely and cool ..just a chocolate cake that i made from scratch. Its delicious . I have been looking for a recipe for ages that i can make from scratch..and i found one. I will pop up the recipe for my Fionna who wants it.

Its very moist and rich..apparently it keeps well and will freeze without frosting for 3-6 months.

Anyway back to our frugal week.

I picked our Plums and to be honest there really wasn't many left on the tree thanks to the blustery wind. But what i did get where divine..sweet and juicy just how i love them. I kept a bowl for eating and the rest where stewed for pies and crumbles.

I picked the first load of Tomatoes as i am the only one who likes them i can pretty much do as i please with them, this batch where made into a nice tomato and onion combo which i will use when i make Bolognese or Goulash.

Another batch of beans were picked ,blanched and frozen.

The Beetroots were also cooked then frozen this time.. we have about 20 bottles of pickled beetroots already and when i get to the last 5 we will defrost and pickle more.

The border we dug out earlier  in the year looks so lush now..full of flowers and 2 tomato plants..

I am looking forward to planting some evergreens in this border to fill out for the Winter.

My hubby had a go at homemade Iced Buns.. wow talk about being spolit.

The girls and i have been going on some walks..we have been all over the place.
Found this..i only realized it as occupied when i got an angry buzz..

A beautiful wasp nest..
We also found these
Totally not sure if they are edible..went on the side of caution and left them alone.

Well i hope that you are all ok and not too hot.
Its clouded over now so we may get some relief from the heat.
take care all


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