When will i learn..

Morning everyone, hope that you are well?
This week i got totally fed up of having my hair 4 different  lengths and 2 different shades.
My idea was simple..4 different lengths and one shade. Sounds good and simple right.
Bought a hair dye with my shopping,not my usual brand as it was out of stock,..did my patch test and then hubby dyed it for me.
Within 5 minutes my hair was turning a bright blonde then it slowly degraded to a fluffing daffodil yellow..aha, that's right daffodil yellow.

Not the colour on the box of a bright blonde..nope i looked liked a dirty cottonbud that had been shoved in a waxy lughole.
Now my family are soo nice and kept telling me it looked fine..to be fair i looked like a pint of bloody Guinness ..i tan easily.I refused to answer the door as people would have fell over in shock at a walking talking flower.
So all i can say is Thank You Amazon..i bought some purple shampoo on the Thursday and it arrived Friday,  it took all the yellow and earwax orange out my hair and now i am a white blonde with some interesting silvery streaks.
So that is the very last time i do anything to my hair..infact i am seriously considering having a close crop.
Lesson learnt..don't go blonde with a hair dye i have never used before..bloody bright blonde my ass.
have a good day everyone


  1. Oh dear, you didn't want fluffy yellow hair?? I decided to stop having my hair coloured and be natural.. only thing is its dark grey, not white, so I'm a bit disappointed. I get surprised each time I see myself in the mirror!

  2. Tony and I are chuckling at your post. Glad you managed to rescue the hair colour. We live and learn don't we

  3. Oh my! Last time anything awful like that happened to me I got a pixie cut. ( was told I looked like a boy, so was in a bad mood for a month afterwards!)

  4. Qh dear I have 13 more days to wait for my post lookdown hair appointment, a very big cut!

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