Remember this..

Hello all, how are you?
Do you remember when i said we were going to sort this trough out?
It didn't take long to do..the amount of compost in it was surprising.
I wheelbarrowed quite a bit of it to the other side of the garden and used it to build up the flower beds.

My Clematis is flowering and the Ornamental Grass is loving it.
I planted Sunflowers and Tomatoes at the back.
The front is filled with Marigolds and Asters.

The Tomatoes are fruiting which is brilliant.
I have 4 more Tomato Plants that we are thinking of planting at the back.
I think it looks so much better than the trough.
It didn't cost a penny to do.
take care


  1. I agree - better without the planter, and brilliant that it cost nothing!

  2. It all looks brilliant and will give so much pleasure and satisfaction!


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