Hello all, how are you?
Have you made it through the hot weather?
I like warm sunny days but not to the point of sweating when i think about moving.
I put up the pool for the girls this week..Iris went in and i sat in the shade with my hat on and had my feet in it..gosh it was bliss. Iris didn't have long in it as she is fair skinned and Factor 50 Suncream just doesn't cut it on her skin. I worry that they will get burnt.

Well folks i think i am totally addicted to making jam.
I have made more this week even in all the heat i was doing it..i did move the air conditioning unit into the kitchen so i could have a breeze blow over me.
Whilst the allotments are giving us lots of fresh fruits i will make jam or pie fillings.

 I found an amazing recipe for Strawberry and Rhubarb Pie filling its divine and very easy..if you want the recipe i will pop it up for you.
The house smelt of cooking fruit for hours..shame you can't bottle the smell.
We had some Peas from the allotment..not many but wow they were so sweet.

Picked, cooked and served within an hour. Nothing better than that.
We have had a bumper crop of hubby is pickling them whilst its cooler.
We had to make bread yesterday..the dough rose well😃.It wasn't too bad until the beast of an oven went on then it was like someone opened the gates of hell and let it all out into my kitchen. So worth it though, nothing beats fresh bread and cobs, my stomach was rumbling when i smelt it baking.
I had a fresh warm cob with butter and some of my Strawberry jam for my was delicious. Simple but filling.
I am so glad its cooler today i feel like i haven't had any sleep at all. I am disappointed that we didn't get a thunderstorm. We kept getting updates from the Met Office about it and then 3 rumbles and whoosh its over..i was looking forward to some fresher weather and maybe some sleep but nope not a thing.
Thankfully this morning it is cooler and overcast and we have had a shower or 2 already which is blooming lovely.
I am seriously thinking of buying a Gazebo and using our gas ring outside to make my jams..its got to be cooler outside especially if this  type of weather keeps coming year after year. An outside kitchen would be the best thing..sink, water and a gas ring that's all i want😉..i could make jams and pickles to my hearts content. I will put it on my wishlist💜
I have all my windows open letting the cooler breeze blow through the house.
I hope that you have all had a lovely week and enjoy the cooler days ahead.
Take care all


  1. All your produce looks wonderful. Really delicious. There's nothing like home made preserves.

  2. Sitting with your feet in cold water perfect on a hot day.


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