Allotment Harvest..

Hello all, how are you?
Its wet and not so warm here today. I am unsure when the rain started but it hammered it down this morning and has only just stopped. I can see little specks of blue sky peeping through the clouds.
Thankfully we are forecast some nice weather next week, which i am looking forward to.
Before the rain this week my husband and son have been to the allotments on a daily basis and now we are enjoying the fruits of their hard work.

All those beautiful Strawberries have been eaten..totally delicious.
The lettuces are so nice and no slugs or bugs in them.
Hubby says the Radishes are hot and peppery.
The beetroots have been pickled and put in the pantry for a week or so before we eat them. We have plenty more Beetroot growing and that means more pickling for us.
take care all


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