Mantle piece done..

Hello all, how are you today?
Yesterday i settled another urge to change and sort things out.
This time it was the mantle piece in the living room.
I just want a change and do my own thing.
This is before, lots of little knick knacks  and what i call dust gatherers.
I took everything off and then decided what i was going to do.
I put my plants on there..some lovely greenery to be the centre piece. However i am not sure i like it that much..i think its because i have gotten used to the other style.I will give it a few days and if not then i will change it. That's the beauty of shopping your own home, somethings look better in one room more than another its just tweaking to find out what goes where.
I put all the knick knacks in a box and will pop them else where or maybe just the bottom of my cupboard for a while. I will pop them out for charity collection if i decide to not have them anymore.
take care all


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