I didn't bother

Hello all.
Well i didn't bother watching the Boris Johnson press conference as i seem to have developed some sort of gift where i can predict the future,
Should really buy a lottery ticket.
I was right, there is no way Dominic Cummings is going to be sacked or asked to resign.
He knows too much and has probably got something hidden away in a deep dark safe somewhere that he wields everytime the s**t hits the fan around him.
My faith in the government has expired .
If someone so high up can flout rules and be caught, exposed and then not sacked ,well i for one will not be giving them my time anymore.
He may be saying he did it to protect his child and self isolate but he could have done it at home.
He could have stayed in his bedroom as lots of other folk have done because they didn't have a place to go and maybe carry it with them to another part of the country.

Seriously feeling let down.


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