I am so glad i am not the only one..

Hello all..
I am so glad i am not the only one that is confused by the new rules. Thank you to all for the comments.
Its a bit unsettling that 3 out of 4 countries are keeping the lockdown with allowances for exercise.
I truly cannot get my head around the fact that people are expected to go back to work and risk not only themselves but their family, colleagues, friends and people you may pass on the street, coz as we all know some people will not move out the way, even if you move they roll their eyes like you think they are lepers. Actually judging by the look of some people they might be. I thought maybe with the hygiene being essential that it might spread from washing their hands to other body parts.

The second wave is going to be absolutely horrific i think.
The NHS is going to be swept under with new cases.
I have genuine worries for the NHS.
And i am relieved i Home School my children..i would risk fines by not sending my children back to school.I feel for anyone who has to do that. I also understand for some parents its not an option to keep them at home but the worry it will cause is going to then cause anxiety and many other issues.
This Pandemic is not just a virus its a vicious nasty thing that not  only kills it debilitates and depresses people. It has destroyed families and for many years to come it will be lurking in the background. It has taken our Freedom and for many the joy of a loved one.

Despite all this folks lets keep positive.
We have our health.
We have all our family.
We have all our friends.
We have a wonderful NHS.
We have food.
We have access to money.
We have the internet.
And my bloggy friends we have each other.
So lets be positive and keep safe.
Love you all


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