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Hello all,how are you?
Isn't the weather totally glorious. So lovely to get up and have sunshine and warmth when i open the curtains and blinds. I love getting my washing out nice and early. I always take a few minutes for myself to just sit and watch the birds and listen to them. Sets up my day.
So what's been happening here at Flowertot Mansion.
I made a gorgeous Toad in the hole...think i may have totally cracked the Yorkshire puddings. This went down well .
Our Tadpole population has exploded.
They are everywhere, i am quite pleased about this as the first bunch got eaten by the fish .

We needed a new shed door..the old one was rotten and falling to bits. My hubby made a door from an old one that wasn't quite long enough..he added extra length to it and made it so that it opened outwards to give him more room to manouever big bits of wood in and out the shed. It is much more secure now. I painted it with some left over garden paint.
 The Greenhouse is now in full swing with Tomato plants and Cucumbers.
 We have decided from now on to bulk buy a majority of our goods that we need. The huge bag of Growmore was £20 for 25kg. It will last us quite a while and no more paying out for diddly boxes that don't go very far or last.
We have put the bedding out to harden off
 An old paste table is serving as hardening off table for the Pumpkins and Courgettes
 The Beans are growing extremely well..this is the second batch.

Our very first picking of crops from the Allotments..i personally do not like these but hubby does.They do look good though.
We have made bread and cakes this week.
I actually went shopping and finally got some Yeast..but hubby's own batch is working well for us.
School work is carrying on as normal but with the nice weather we are outside as much as possible.
I have been reading the Dolores Redondo trilogy..i could not put them down and they are very fast paced books but brilliant. Netflix has 2 of them as films The Invisible Guardian and The Legacy of the Bones..i cannot wait for the next film Offering to the Storm. The books have been translated from Spanish to English but they are an excellent read if anyone wants to try them from the library when it opens.
I took down nearly  all the pictures in the bedroom..i think it looks better and not so busy. The wallpaper is enough.I left a mirror and one picture. I am trying to simplify everything and just have what i feel i need.
I have been shopping my house and moving things around slightly , leaving it for a day or 2 to see if i like it or not.
I sorted my cushion covers and gave some to my daughter also the picture frames for her daughter's bedroom as she has redecorated it for them.
So we are still staying busy and definitely not going anywhere..today was the first time i have been out shopping since Lockdown began.
It looks like my hubby is still furloughed for a while. He hasn't been idle and has been extremely busy with the allotments and garden work.
This is what's going on here.
I am going outside soon ..sit in the sunshine and listen to the music that is kindly played (really loudly) by neighbours who live on another street. Love my evenings sitting in the sun when they seem to have had enough music and have retreated inside its total bliss.
Take care all


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