Got the urge..

Hello all.
Well i am not sure what to do.
I have the urge to sort my new bookcases in the dining room. Even though they haven't been up long i want to organize them better. Also to tackle my airing cupboard. The kitchen units underneath need doing as well and i have already moved my dining table so it is more under the light. I love the idea of having my table underneath it. Its not going to do much in the Summer but in the Winter it will be nice and cosy to eat Dinner at a softly lit table, more relaxing i think.
I get this urge a few times a year to move things and declutter. The less i have the more i like it.
I just need to have a good old clearout.
My rule is
If i haven't used it or even missed it for 6 months then it has to go.
This however does not apply to my books.
I am not sure which one to sort first.
Probably my Airing cupboard as Iris had an avalanche of towels the other day.
So i think that is my day today.
I have some of those Vacuum bags and all my big thick throws will go into them giving me more space to sort.
I have 2 pairs of huge curtains that i will pop into one as well.
So wish me luck.


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