Bookcase sorted..

Hello all.
I have sorted yet another little thing that has been bugging me.
One side of my new bookcases..for some reason i just wasn't happy with how it looked.
It didn't take long but i felt better about just moving a few bits.

Meet my huge plant Sydney..
I am not even sure what plant Sydney is..he didn't have a label but seems to love being in the sun and doesn't like shade. Don't panic about him being near the radiator..i move him to the other side of the room in the Winter so he is away from it.
I was not going to put pictures on my fireplace wall in the dining room. I changed my mind.
 My mantle piece in the dining room is a home made one. I have put my little Air Plants in a terrarium and then lots of little plants in glass pots.
So that's another urge done and dusted.
I have decided to put all the ornaments i am not using out for charity collection. I took them out for a good reason and i really do not want to keep holding on to things that i no longer want.
Still not sure on living room mantle piece.
I keep looking at it and its really not doing anything for me.
I may change it tomorrow.
take care all


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