Are you?

Hello all, how are you today?
Lets be honest here people.
Who is enjoying the Lockdown?
Obviously it's sad that we have had to come to this but have you found yourself enjoying the fact you are at home with loved ones?
Have you rediscovered things that you used to love to do but never had the time to do anymore?
Have you finally watched that film you always meant to?
Have you read that book you bought but then forgot about it?
Have you fell in love with your husband/wife all over again?
Have you started to live a different life. By that i mean have you embraced a new way of living?
Have you had a LBM and sorted yourself..mentally and physically?
Have you sorted finances?
Have you ditched those toxic friends?
Have you done a technology detox?
Have you done things that you have always wanted to do, like redecorating and doing the garden up?
Have you changed your routine for the good?
So what have you done?


  1. I have to admit, yes, I am seeing the benefit of lockdown for myself. I suffer from anxiety and that has been at an all time low for the past couple of months - the worst is happening and it's not my fault!

    The chap works in the public sector, so for the past decade the threat of redundancy has hung over us, but for the time being what he does is seen to have real value, so thankfully he is working from home, busier than ever, and getting paid.

    This time next year our situation may be very different, but we're being as productive as we can while we can.

    1. Hello..nothing is ever your fault remember that. I am enjoying lockdown myself.I have been productive and not letting it get to me. I keep my head up and keep going for my girls and family.
      My hubby is furloughed for the foreseeable, so i am going to make the most of having him here full time.
      Your husbands job should be valued everyday no matter the circumstances, everyone is precious babe remember that one too.
      We are planning long term and starting to think of bigger pantry.
      you take care my lovely

  2. Can't say I'm enjoying every aspect but I'm also not hating it all. Quite content - just need opportunity to see my children and grandchildren and get the books that are waiting for me in the mobile library depot. Car boot sales and swimming would be good but they are further away and I'm managing without.

    1. i Sue..i think you hit it on the head with quite content.
      I miss my girls and grandchildren..i would love to go for a walk in the woods at Belton but its closed..we are managing in the hope of brighter days to come.
      you take care


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