Wow..we had a lot of stuff

Hello all,keeping safe i hope.

Yesterday was purge day.
I went under the girls beds and pulled it all out..Ferns room didn't take long at all and we had a pile from her room to donate..mainly board games that they had when they were small.After that i hoovered underneath and we put back a small amount..the storage bags on her wardrobe were emptied and that was to be donated as well.Now her room is purged and it looks so much neater and tidier.
Then it was Iris's room..4 hours later i had almost lost the will to she had soo much crap..yes crap..little tiny things that accumulate into a heaving mass of living breathing crap.I know its our fault for buying her all the toys..that s stopping..i explained the 10 toy rule..and she was okish..i did relent a little on some things but her toys are now under control.
So i had to be the mean mum and put things out for donation and a lot out for rubbish..i mean a lot .
Finally after muttering curse words under my breath for a good long while i her room looks bigger ,brighter and with only what she needs to play with.
As for the rest..well my daughter put up a post on Facebook for anyone to have it all..after a total time waster called LAURA..YES THAT'S YOU LAURA!!!..A nice lady arrived to take the lot.
There was a storage bag and 3 boxes plus a smaller bag.
It was placed in my porch and no contact except text messages was made..not an essential journey i know but if it helps keeps her children occupied and happy then i suppose it was worth it.
Today its my bedroom..under bed and storage boxes full of old school work that are from when we started home schooling 7 years ago..i think i don't need to keep it all so i will sort that.
Wish me luck ladies..


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