Where is the Yeast..

Hello all, how are you?
So we know that people have been panic buying and taking stuff that normally they wouldn't. Stockpiling it for future use, i hope they use and it is not just sat in their pantry doing nothing.
As we make all our own bread we regularly buy it. However we cannot get any..not in the shop or even online.
I refuse to pay the extortionate prices those online are wanting..greed has reared it ugly head. I saw someone auctioning off the sachets from a pack of Yeast and people were bidding. Always someone to take advantage of a shortage. They should be ashamed of themselves. If your not going to use it then don't buy it.
Flour is another thing that is in short supply..suddenly everyone is a flipping baker.
We had to resort to buying a 16kg sack of flour off the internet. Which by the way is amazing and it arrived with in a few days. It makes amazing cobs and bread.

So we are going to try and make our own yeast..wish us luck.


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