Where is my eye rolling emoji...

Hello everyone,i hope that you are all safe and being kind to each other.
Just want to get this off my chest..you may or may not agree..its a free country still so your opinion matters.
I really get fed up with people criticizing all the work the Government are doing,have done and will do.
This is not a time to be nit picking..its a time to be together,working towards the ultimate goals of keeping folks safe,treating the ill and caring for those who need help.
No one and i mean no one could have been  prepared to face this Virus..but oh no the Opposition is rubbing its hands together to go through all the things that have been done to pick out individuals and criticize.Just STOP IT!!! Grow the fluff up and be thankful for what we have and help instead of being a Whiney Bitch and pointing things out that the Whiney Bitch population of this country then jump on. As for the Whiney Bitch and Flouters of this country's lock down you are STUPID!!..i could print several more words for you but this is a family friendly blog..
I hate to think what this country would have been like if the Government hadn't been on the ball and locked us down.
If we had been told the truth to start with, China , yes that's who is to be blamed for this virus,then things would have been put in place long before it got here.
I thought at this point in time that everyone would be really getting into being kind and helping others obviously i was wrong.
Leave people alone to get on with their jobs and yes i am looking at you news reporters..the same questions over and over again..when will lock down be lifted..well obviously when the fluffing virus is gone and not because you or the opposition want to get down to the nitty gritty and rip apart every good thing the government has done..roll eye emoji.
A vast majority of folks would like for the lock down to continue until its safe for everyone to go out,no matter how long it takes.
Please be kind to each other and stay safe..stop moaning for fluffs sake..it could be a whole lot worse.


  1. I disagree. I wrote a comment this morning but it became so long that I didn't leave it. Instead I put it over on my blog as a post. Just in case you come across it. x


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