Try a book..

Hello all, how are you?
As an avid and eager reader i am getting through my books at a nice steady rate and lockdown is giving me more time to read. I can't go out and don't want to either so its sitting in the garden or sofa for me with a cuppa and a book. This is one of my favourite things to do.
There is nothing like getting into the story and being in the book ..literally standing next to the characters and watching the plot unfold.
I admit, i have cried at some books and also had those OMG!!  NO, moments as well.
I can escape into a book and go places that are sadly fictional but are described so beautifully i can smell the flowers and see the mountains, hear the water lapping on the shore and be transported there in an instant.
I get my love of reading from my Grandma Winnie..she always had books and we went to the library on a weekly basis. For me this was a magical place, full of new places to go and new people to meet obviously inside the books. When we got home we would do our normal jobs then have lunch and after that it was reading time. Total silence from both of us the only sound was  the clock ticking away..we would read for a few hours and then talk about what we were reading. For an 8 year old sitting still for hours was probably torture  for most kids but to be honest i really loved it.
I got my husband into reading eventually..not until he was 30 though, now he has a collection of his own and enjoys it.
My older girls all read and love son is not interested but i did try and the younger 2 well they love it as well and have their own collections which are added too on Birthdays, Christmas or if i am having a book buying session.
The great thing with books is that they are always there waiting. You can close it and put it away but the story is eternal and will be there when you are ready to go back to the place where its all happening.
I have re read entire series books several times  and enjoyed them as much as i did the first time. I always find something new in them that maybe i missed the first time.
So i am passionate about books and reading and would encourage anyone to give it a go ,you never know where you will end up.


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