Lockdown making me rethink..

Hello all, how are you?
Well what lovely weather we have had ,sadly its going to rain but i think it will do some of the flouters good to stay in.
During lockdown i have witnessed people who i thought were sensible be absolute morons. Having people around doing work for them and going out to fetch non essential stuff. Surely having your gate rehung could wait.
It has made me revise my opinion of them totally.
Yet the ones i honestly thought would be flouters have followed the rules and we have not seen them, they are alive as we can hear them😒.
Our street is so quiet its a novelty to see a car.
We did see Buzz Lightyear though..a chap dressed as him came walking down our road waving to all the little kiddies..i gave him a big wave😄.
People seem to think that the lockdown is going to end..hah nope i do not think so.
Its the second peak that will be caused by lockdown easing and i for one am staying put so are my family. Is it really worth the risk to go to B&Q to pick stuff up that is non essential.
What do you think?
I understand the economy is suffering but surely lives are worth more.


  1. I live in small apt. building in a quiet part of the city and only venture out occasionally and most people are being very conscientious. The only neighbour I've heard of causing problems is one who lives right by the front lobby. She has had big family dinners most Sundays with umpteen family members in attendance.
    It doesn't really affect me but others are very annoyed and I know she has now been reported. It is shocking really has she has some serious health issues - lungs - and always wears a mask and gloves when she goes out. Not sure why she doesn't seem to understand that others could be bringing in the virus to her own home!

    I went to my office for a few hours on Friday - first time in 5 weeks - and I was a bit nervous about riding the subway and being downtown - no need - trains were barely 1/4 full and seats are taped off to keep us apart and downtown was like a ghost town! Just spent a few hours in the office, picked up a prescription (my pharmacy is close to my office) and headed home. I wore a mask and gloves but barely saw anyone.

    They just released a new poll this morning and it seems that 75% of the country wants to maintain the lockdown until we are sure that it is relatively safe to do so. We are to get some update today on the "plan" to reopen my province - and it may be very different for a city of 3 million like Toronto than it will be for more rural or small town areas but we know it won't be soon. They announced yesterday that schools will remain closed until the end of May - not many people are expecting them to open until Sept. It has been interesting.

  2. Hi Margie..it seems there are flouters all over the world.I don't think they realize the danger they are putting themselves and others in by ignoring advice. Exactly ..its ok to wear protection when you go out but then others cannot visit you without bringing something in to the home..thankfully my neighbours seem to have gotten the message now and its all quiet at their house this weekend,but i was seriously shocked by the stupidity of them
    I think i would be very nervous about going out and especially on a train bless you.
    I will be honest and tell you i would rather stay in lockdown until they have some kind of vaccine for this virus.
    you take care


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