Lock down projects

Hello all,how are you?
Well it's time to do those things that i have been putting off.I finally seem to have the time to them.
I am still getting up early in the mornings and relishing the quiet.
I have been baking at 7 in the mornings..nothing better than a cake baking wafting through the house to get everyone out of bed.
Totally gorgeous Treacle Cake.If you want the recipe just say and i will pop it up.
I spent a morning sorting school work..

Its all sorted into last years,this years and all the extra projects we have done have been boxed and put away ready for inspection when lock down is lifted.
I have also started the bookcase make overs..
How it looked before..bit bland.
Now after 2 days of painting,and printing off wallpaper and flooring.
I added some extra height with blocks at the bottom to lift the ground floor up.
A garden area
Living room

Hopefully when lock down is lifted my granddaughters can come and play.
There are a few more little things i am going to do that involve a lot of paint,i will keep you posted.


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