Happy Earth Day..

Hello all, how are you today?
Its Earth Day today.
Have you seen the smog and pollution is disappearing. There are jellyfish in the canals of Venice, Delhi can actually see their skyline and China has clean air. How wonderful this is..it has come at a sad cost though. But if anything can be learned from this Pandemic its that we don't need to travel miles for meetings, or just nip to the shops in the car when you can walk it.
I am hoping people see these images and want the world to have that chance to come back from the brink of total climate change.
Our planet is a precious resource and should be treated with the utmost respect. Stop plastic pollution choking our sea's and all the beautiful life that resides there.
Stop clogging the air with fumes, fund alternatives and make them actually cheap enough for normal folks to use.
Stop making plastic totally..that way no one can use it..what is wrong with glass bottles for milk or juice.
Plant more tree's.
Grow your own veggies and fruits.
Reduce your trips in the car
Reduce the amount you buy
Reuse anything and everything you can possibly make into something else.
Recycle everything that can be.
Make your own .
Encourage wildlife into your garden.
Cut down on your electricity usage.
Gather rainwater for your veggies and fruits.
Buy second hand.
Jellyfish swimming through the canals.
China has clean air
The smog has cleared above Delhi
London has record low pollution.
This Pandemic may change how we live and treat each other and the planet.
Do anything and everything you can to make a difference .The smallest thing can make the biggest difference if everyone does it.


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