On lockdown..

Hello everyone I so hope that you are all ok?
Remembering the hand washing and the distancing. Most importantly the vulnerable.
Our home is on lockdown. No one in and only hubby and son have gone anywhere in public and also having to keep working at the moment. The girls and I are only going for walks at Belton.
I have cancelled my scheduled schooling inspection for the forseeable future also any other appointments we have.
After living next door to my neighbours for almost 15 years we have finally swapped phone numbers..before we just knocked on the door and had a coffee now and then.

So what have we been doing...
The bookcases have finally been put up and painted.
All done..its amazing how big my room looks..i still have to find a clock for the wall but it can wait a while.
Now can you remember my lovely chandelier..well I thought I would replace it with this..
Looks like a tin can during the day..
But pop the light on and bingo
Its only 5 watts and doesn't light the room only the table..i have made a total fubar..Brightside is my trusty chandelier is waiting to be put back up.The tin can is going back in the box until someone wants it.
I have to sort school work and put away a lot and my storage boxes will be ready for the rest of this years work.
I have purged books ,crayons, paints, pencils and gave them all away. We now have exactly what we need and I can see exactly where it is. No more rummaging through shelves and tubs to find stuff..its all ready and waiting for us.
I donated my books to the local Post Office..it looked like it had been ram raided..normally the bookcase is full and the Jigsaw Puzzles are all stacked up, i could not believe my eyes when I saw the were all gone...even the books on Fishing some obscure Sci-fi books.
We have some other little projects to do and keep us occupied during the lockdown, these I will post as we do them.
We have more than enough books and school work to do as well..keeping safe and away from others is the most important thing at the moment.
take care


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