Don't panic..

Hello all,how are you?
Here at Flowertot Mansions we have been ill..a nasty cold that just sucks the life out of you.We have all felt awful and its hanging around something wicked Finally we felt a little better and got out into the garden and had a tidy up.The girls helped whilst hubby was locked in his greenhouse setting seeds.It might be cold and horrible outside but the greenhouse is full of little life growing away.

Just before we fell ill we started the dining room its half and half.the wallpaper is up and the fire place hearth has been upcycled from a brown marble slab to a white marble slab with the help of Fablon.
 The new wallpaper is lovely and was the worst paper I have ever pasted in my went see through and was like tissue paper,but my hubby ever the professional has made that wall look brilliant.
 The slab was easier to do..still with Fablon you need as many pairs of hands as you can get or magically grow..i think it looks amazing and it was done with leftover stuff from my huge bread board.
 This is one bottom unit for our floor to ceiling was made with left over wood from the living room bookcases.
So now hopefully we can get it all done and finished..wish us luck.
We had a little panic this week..not the food situation or the virus outbreak but the fact that we haven't heard any frogs.Yep its a small thing but something important to us.
I literally jumped for joy when i found this in the pond.
Look at all that lovely frog spawn.
Now the toads have to catch up..
I have eventually gotten around to doing a little thing i saw on Pinterest.
My belfast sink that has little plants in it just outside the back door gets absolutely covered in weeds and to try to stop this i have covered the surface with Pinecones..
I have left room for the little flowers and plants to grow through looks much better than just having moss and weeds all over..
Now please Don't Panic..there is enough food for everyone and as long as you wash your hands at every opportunity and watch who you have contact with then there is absolutely no reason to stockpile food that looks like the Doomsday Preppers have taken over your life.
Its a nasty virus not a Walking Dead scenario.
Please take care everyone.


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