Hello all,how are you?
I am hoping that you have all managed to get through yet another weekend storm.We have no damage this time its just wet everywhere.The wind is bad but not as bad as the last one.
Its such a relief that this week is over..not for the weather as there really is nothing we can do about that but this is the month we have 4 birthdays in a week.
Eldest daughter ,my  parents( both on the same day), our son and finally an anniversary.
Its the only month we have so many all in a short space of time, we do plan for them and try to spread the cost and buy gifts in January but then that's a long month as well and money is sometimes a little tight. However we did it again and everyone received a lovely gift and a little tea party thrown in to the mix.
Now we have no more birthdays until April..that will give us time to catch up and refill the bank account.


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