Ok..the virus is here,what to do?

Hello all,
It seems the Coronavirus is here and I wish all those infected a speedy recovery.
So exactly what do we do..the advice is confusing.
Do we need to buy some surgical masks and would you wear them or feel a bit of a dork walking around with them on,especially when the virus is not here in our town yet and I say yet.
I think the Government should do a Public Announcement and tell people exactly what is happening and how to look after yourself and family when going to and from work,at work or shopping.
Maybe print leaflets for everyone.
Plus I think they should provide the masks and gloves.
I am not worried just concerned about as I think as long as folks are sensible then it hopefully will die out.But then you always get those who refuse to listen and think its their absolute right to do as they please(under normal circumstances that's fine) and they are the ones who scream the loudest when they fall ill.
So ladies are you taking precautions.


  1. No. I'm practising my usual hygiene - hand washing, sneezing/coughing away from others and into a tissue, all that sort of stuff.
    I gather masks are not particularly useful anyway.

  2. The type of masks that are used lose their efficacy after about 15 minutes use. Good hygiene measures like hand washing especially after being out in public (maybe handling supermarket trolleys, handrails etc), using and disposing carefully of tissues, wiping door handles after visitors have been, avoiding very crowded areas if there is a flu or other virus outbreak, avoid touching eyes and face with hands and coughing or sneezing into the crook of the elbow to prevent droplet spread if you develop these symptoms.
    If you do develop a cold or similar symptoms it is wisest to avoid contact with others too.
    Hopefully spread of this virus is being contained with the measures taken but I think we should all take care to avoid spreading any virus.

  3. Masks are useful - if you are already infected. It protects OTHERS when you sneeze and cough if you wear it properly.
    Proper hand washing is more important than anything other precaution measure.
    Local health administration here has given instructions, which are more of common sense than anything new or special. Like sneeze and cough to tissue or sleeve (not on your bare hand!), wash hands etc.
    This is a new virus, and not much of it is known yet. Mostly because Chinese policy is to give out only postive information, so there's delay in everything not so positive.

  4. most masks are only any good for 10 mins. I worked through the last flu serving people who had to be seen to in their cars . washed hands well and between some customers [who coughed over their £5.00 notes before giving them to me.] I used a alcohol hand wash. never caught as much as a cold in 10 yrs of working in the pharmacy.

  5. Agree with Joy. People here do wear masks but we've been advised that this will protect other people if the person wearing the mask has a cough or cold but it will do little to protect the wearer from the virus - you need those very expensive and properly fitted masks that are more for medical personnel.
    We are considering stopping the handshake part of "peace of Christ" at church - many just wished each other well yesterday.
    Keep healthy, stay home if you are sick, and wash your hands - unless you want to shut yourself away for the next few months that's about i I'm afraid.


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