Hello all,how are you?
The weather is devastating the farmers.The land is sodden and they cannot get to plant new crops .It's going to have an awful impact upon them financially and the price of food as well.
My husband works with a lady who is a farmer and works part-time to keep money coming in. She was telling my husband that they have over 250 acres and her husband is worried sick as he has only managed to plant 25% of this years crops instead of having it all done and concentrating on lambing.
There is a farm around here that is totally submerged..its not a farm anymore but a lake with a farm house in the middle.The equipment is almost ruined and the poor lad is so optimistic..true heart of a farmer there..i do not know him but I admire that lad and any farmer who is going through difficult times.
The government say they will help but I really do not think its enough are the hardest working people and their entire lives are built around farms..many generations work the land and do it successfully.The weather is extreme and the extra measures the government say they have taken to protect farm lands is not working..rivers bursting banks and flooding on biblical scales is not going to be stopped with sand bags.The rivers need dredging and flood defences need to be bigger and higher.
Farmers pay taxes and deserve to be treated with the respect they deserve not just placated by new agriculture ministers who seriously do not know one end of a tractor to the other..we need a minister who is or was a farmer.
Some one up top needs to rethink it all and realize that food just does not miraculously appear in shops or on your takes a lot of sheer hard work to get food and the people producing it need some serious and manual.
What do you all think?


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