After the winds..

Hello again..
So Sunday morning was just scary..i woke up to rattling and banging all over.
Iris came running out her bedroom to tell me we had fences down..thats not too bad I thought.
I made tea and opened curtains looking outside and saw my husbands shed roof on the verge of being piece had already gone lord knows where and the rest was hanging in there..soon as he had a cuppa he went out and fixed it.Debris from other gardens was whizzing by his head and he was in serious danger of being blown off the roof.Thankfully he fixed it and it stayed on.
The greenhouse door exploded outwards and the bit from that flew by the kitchen window and landed eventually in my mums tree..she retrieved it for us.
 W had to do a quick fix on the door and strengthen the other panels

 Fence panel totally trashed..
The little arch with the Grapevine on it broke.
And then it hailed..well I wouldn't call it hail more like mini gravel chunks hitting you on the head.Today it was lovely..nice sunny skies and still the wind but it had lost its strength.
So imagine our surprise when it snowed.

I'm afraid the repairs to the fence will have to wait until it stops raining,snowing and being windy.
So the storm did damage but not much in the grand scheme of things.We can fix what got broken.
How did you fare?


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