Would you look at the size of that..

Hello all.
As you know we have been doing our own kitchen and now its done we have found that we needed a big pastry board.
The ones we saw were saying they were huge but they are not..their version of huge and my version of huge are 2 quite separate things.
Plus the prices..😲 they have to be kidding.
So my very talented husband made me one..and I bought marble fleck Fablon for £6 ..the end result is amazing..it was quite frustrating to put fablon on it with no creases or wrinkles..i worked up quite a sweat but after wrangling and wrestling with it..i did it.

This board sits on the worktop and has an open edge with little edges so it can sit flat..
It fits nicely between my tumble drier and unit..so for £6 and some sweating I have a huge and I mean huge pastry board.


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