Start the year as i mean to go on..

Hello all,how are you today?
Have you taken down your decorations yet?
We did ours on New Years Eve..start the year with a clean and fresh start.
This morning I detoxed the living room carpet.
A tub of Bicarb of soda,dried lavender and a stiff brush.
I am quite liberal with how I spread it over the carpet.
The lavender smells so fresh..and I brush it all in and just leave for 30 minutes..let the bicarb absorb any smells and then hoover.
My living room now not only looks clean and ready for a new year it also smells clean .
I also stripped down the chandelier in the dining pics of this i'm afraid hasn't been done for a while (year)..I cleaned the metal parts with the pink stuff and its  so shiny and all the glass was washed and put back looks brand new..i actually forgot just how beautiful it looks when clean(oops).
I took the rug outside and beat it quite viciously to get dust and lord knows what ever else fell out of it.It looks all refluffed (is that a word😮)
So this is my start to the new decade..all clean ,fresh and raring to go.


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