It actually worked..

Hello all,how are you?
I am stunned at the moment..not into silence but pleasantly surprised that something I read on Pinterest has worked.
We all have those pans that get used all the time..even though they are washed properly you always get that build up at the bottom of the pan..
Can you see the build up..its not too bad in this pan but my steamer looked terrible in fact slightly embarrassing.
I saw a tip and thought it might work.
All you do is put water in the pan and add sliced lemons..let it simmer  for a while..i let mine steam away for about 30 minutes.I popped extra lemon slices in each tier of the steamer as well.
I am literally just wipes off..the stubborn bits needed a bit of elbow grease but otherwise so easy.

 Considering this was almost brown this morning I would say it definitely worked.
They are not spotless but far far better than they were,they look almost new.I will being doing it again to get the really stubborn and ground in bits off.
So I am stunned..i read lots of tips all the time and try them only to be disappointed that they didn't work.
Have you ever tried something and been pleasantly surprised?


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