I wake up to this in the mornings..

Hello all,how are you today?
I love having houseplants..they are beautiful and very good for your health and also the mind.
Who doesn't love having a gorgeous green plant in the house..its something to admire and they are cheap to buy and if you look after them you can get the babies and propagate them and fill your house.Plants look amazing in hanging baskets and pots dotted around the home.They can be the centre of attention or just a tiny wee thing quietly growing away.
This is my bedroom and I wake up to this in the mornings..
I have had these ones for a few years now and they have been moved around the house a few times..but now I think I have found the perfect spot for them and they have flourished.
So when you walk into my bedroom you get this gorgeous display..I found a link that explains the benefits of houseplants and guess what you should have in your bedrooms..yep Christmas Cactus..
You can find a lot of plants for sale quietly cheaply about now..all they need is watering,feeding, a spray and potting on every now and then.They give so much back to us for so little effort.


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