What is going on..

Hello all,how are you?
This is just a little mini rant.Don't pay attention I just want to put this out there.
For years and years I have not watched EastEnders,Coronation Street and Emmerdale..i gave up with them as they are ridiculous and to frank depressing beyond words at times.
So I just really don't get why on earth they make the Christmas day special even more depressing and violent.
Someone got killed on EastEnders and a mass shooting on Coronation Street..how sad that the writers think violence and murder are what folks want to see on the special day.
Why not have a happy occasion like a marriage or birthday or a baby being born and just for once no drama just happiness..
You may say I am boring but hey I don't care..i just get sick of violence in the real world let alone tv shows mimicking it.
Off my soapbox now..


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