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Hello all,how are you?
This is just a little mini rant.Don't pay attention I just want to put this out there.
For years and years I have not watched EastEnders,Coronation Street and Emmerdale..i gave up with them as they are ridiculous and to frank depressing beyond words at times.
So I just really don't get why on earth they make the Christmas day special even more depressing and violent.
Someone got killed on EastEnders and a mass shooting on Coronation Street..how sad that the writers think violence and murder are what folks want to see on the special day.
Why not have a happy occasion like a marriage or birthday or a baby being born and just for once no drama just happiness..
You may say I am boring but hey I don't care..i just get sick of violence in the real world let alone tv shows mimicking it.
Off my soapbox now..


  1. I completely agree with you. I don't watch any soaps but even the trailers for them are depressing.

  2. Totally agree with you. Pour yourself a large something and relax and enjoy. Best wishes x

  3. I totally agree. We won't buy a newspaper for the same reason. Hope you have enjoyed Christmas so far.

  4. I totally agree. We won't buy a newspaper for the same reason.

  5. Totally agree. I gave up on soaps years ago;p they are so miserable.

  6. I don't watch any soaps, gave up with them a long time ago. What I object to is the amount of 'spoilers' which now litter the real news online. It's difficult to spot which is fact and which is fiction. Somebody please tell the soap addicts that it is all lies, all made up stories. Bit like the real news when you come to think about it, ha ha.


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