All done for Christmas..

Hello everyone,how are you?
Sorry I haven't been on for a while ,we had some bad news concerning my lovely husbands mum.
Unfortunately she had very advanced breast cancer and the prognosis was not good.
My very lovely mother-in-law passed away peacefully on Saturday.
Its very sad and we feel a little lost at the moment..we are just glad she is not suffering anymore and is at peace.
Sad as it is we have to carry on living..celebrate her life rather than mourn for her.
God rest her soul.

So in-between all the sadness we finally got our fingers out and totally finished the kitchen..more to take our minds off what was happening.
So flipping frustrated at times as we paid for more wood and had to wait over a week for it to be delivered..granted it wasn't hundreds of pounds worth of wood but to us it was a lot of money just before Christmas..
So here it is in all its homemade,handmade glory..

The sides will be cleared of stuff after Christmas..

Iris made me this for my new kitchen..i love it

We made shelves to match the worktop..
It still isn't totally done as we are now waiting to buy a new lampshade but that can come after.
It is absolutely gorgeous..we both love it and are very proud of ourselves for making it from scratch and doing every thing was a long project and frustrating at times but we did it.


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