1st of December

Hello all,how are you?
Honestly I cannot believe how fast this year has gone..is that a good thing?
Its the last Poem in my little book ..I am hoping to find another.
 I love the illustrations in this book so cheerful and the poems are all centred around children..so sweet.

 A small selection of our Christmas books..our new tradition is to read a Christmas book every evening until we get to T'was the night before Christmas which is obviously on Christmas Eve..
The garden looks totally barren..and bereft of any colour..

 My hardy Fuschia has been hit by the frosts..
 I got a new shed door..it opens outwards from the inside..no handles just a lock..it needs a decent coat of paint which will have to wait til next year now..but I have no wind howling through it and definitely no rain coming under the weather bar..perfect.

I am happy and glad to have it.


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