What to do with left over Sylvanian furniture..

Hello all..
We have an excess of left over Sylvanian bits and bobs..we sold the houses complete with furniture but then i found a box full of spares..so we decided to use them and make little rooms and homes with them.

I bought one of those fake books and cut it open..we painted and papered the inside..i used a tray from an old stationary set for the little rooms..

I also bought a door and handle..

You can look through the door at the little world inside..we enjoyed doing this and have plans to make a few more.
It didn't cost much and just takes time and patience to get the fiddly bits in.Tweezers are a must.


  1. So, so cute. I've always loved the Sylvanian merchandise.

    1. Its so gorgeously cute that furniture isn't it..expensive if you buy from the actual site..we thankfully have quite a bit left


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