Hello to October..

Hello all,how are you?
The 1st of October..finally.It seemed to me that September was extremely long but maybe thats me.
Its wet here as it has been for the last week or so..we have flood warnings for our town.Lets all keep our fingers crossed that no one gets any flooding or loss of homes and life any where.

Its time for some very warming meals and puddings.
We have been having porridge for breakfasts and ready brek..
The girls are looking forward to some cosy nights in their new bedrooms..they have fairy lights above the beds and some little lamps.I bought some nice thick duvets from JYSK for £5 each to go on top of the beds.I have got out all hats,gloves and scarves..sorted boots for winter..only me and hubby need new ones..i got wet feet from just a shower and hubby has a hole in the sole of his.We all also need new slippers.
The door curtains have been washed and hung up to keep the cold out..i reported my shed door to the council as i can see daylight and the frame is moving when you open it..plus its warped from top to bottom..i am being given a new door..at some point..no date has been given just at some point i will get a call telling me they are coming the next day. So for now i have to put towels under the door to mop up the rain that is coming in..so at some point i will not have to do that.

The garden is looking a bit bedraggled at the moment but the fish are loving it..we did lose a fish as well..natural causes as he was one of the very first we got..so he was about 20 years old.
 You can see gaps in the leaves now and some yellow starting to appear
 The border still looks good from a distance but they are tired looking when you get closer
 Fish having a wonderful time..nibbling on all the things that get washed into the pond..bugs ,flies..you name it they will nibble it.
 My trellis looks sad..the flowers have gone over and some have just given up..soon as we get a dry day i will compost them.
 The plum tree has lost nearly all its leaves
 The apples trees are going brown and the leaves are falling
 The flowers look tired..but boy did they give a beautiful display this year

 I cannot wait to harvest our grapes..they taste very sweet and i will be giving some away as i can't store them.
In other news..both hubby and my self have been nursing injuries..hubby hurt his back when we trimmed back the ivy..and i hurt my arm 8 weeks ago and its still not right..doctor thinks i have either ligament damage or i have chipped the bone..either way it has set us back with the kitchen but we are getting it done slowly but surely.


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