Happy Halloween..

Happy Halloween people.
Well we have decorated the house inside and carved 2 pumpkins..but we are not going trick or treating and we won't be giving out treats this year.Instead we are having a treat day..couple of films we want to watch and also treats for ourselves.Little fed up with people turning up on this night with no effort in the costumes and kiddies just grabbing the sweeties and then to cap it all some never said "thank you"..its 2 little words and doesn't hurt to say them but hardly anyone said it last year.And the parents never made them because they were to busy talking to each other and on their phones.Bit of a moan i know but manners are important and parents need to put them darn phones down.Pay attention to your children not the latest bloody status on sodding facebook.
So treats for us this year..
Have a lovely day everyone


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