Did you remember..

Good morning all..what a beautiful morning.Lovely bright sunny skies and a crisp feeling in the air.
Did you all remember to put your clocks back.
We did all of them apart from Iris's..she was fast asleep when i went to bed and i didn't want to disturb her..bless her little socks she came down this morning thinking it was gone 8..i told her it was only 7..her little face was all puffy from sleep and her hair all over..she said she thought she was late up..poor girl..i explained it was still early. She shrugged her shoulders and said o well i can have my breakfast early..not one word of oh i could still be in bed just a lovely smile and a happy girl.Why can't some grown ups be like that.We can learn a lot from children and just be happy.
I have to admit for a long time i was not and i mean not a morning person..i was ok with the babies and toddlers but anyone else would be met with a wall of silence and grumpiness..however over the last 15 years i have changed and now i love getting up early,granted its dark and chilly  at times but i love it.I like the quiet and make plans in those few hours before the household wakes up..hubby is up with me for work but its just so relaxing to have some time to actually talk with no distractions.Early mornings are now when plans are made and decisions sorted.I even get up early at weekends..yep its true..by the time everyone comes down i have done laundry and sorted the dog and got on with my day..i have been watching the early morning rugby..love the matches and wow haven't England done well, with the Mighty All Blacks out the way we may have a chance of winning..i was on the edge of my seat watching it.Like the rest of folks i thought we would get trampled by them as they seem unstoppable but we stopped them and made them look like a second rate team..brilliant come on boys keep going.
I think i get on everyones nerves to be fair..i am awake and full of it by the time they all come down and i really don't think they can be doing with the wide awake happy me😉...especially at weekends.


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