1st of September..

Hello all,how are you?
I woke up this morning and realized its September..how fast is this year going ladies?

The garden is looking colourful..
I picked Tomatoes and Cucumbers from the greenhouse..so delicious.
 The Grapevine is so heavy with Grapes..
 Lovely big bunches..
 The border is full and looks amazing,  full of life
 The trees are in total full swing and a gorgeous dark green.
 This is the chicken pen..or it was..i have painted the trellis and  put down extra grass..we still have a few bits to do but then its going to be a shaded patio area..

 Our 1 pear..just one..
 The apples are not so good..all have been eaten or attacked by some bug or other..
 My experimental Courgette in the trough has grown..i have had a small one so far and then this is next.
 My flower wall ..it didn't work out how i had hoped it would..next year i will try something else.
 I tidied up behind the She Shed..i put an old bench and table in the corner then popped various tubs and shrubs in there..looks better than a dumping ground it had become.

 Trees ..
 The Comfrey has done really well this year..
 My Lavender bushes have flowered almost continually and we have picked them..i cut them back a little yesterday so they can rest..i am looking forward to using the flowers in my sachets.
So thats the garden for the month..next time it may have some of those beautiful autumnal colours.
Have a great day ladies.


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