All change on the bookcase..

Hello all, how are you today?
I wanted to do some more work on the garden project we have going at the weekend but the weather had other ideas.I am not complaining at all..the garden needs the water and so do all my flowers and trees.
Not wanting to waste a day i decided to redo the bookcase.
Move the heavier books to the sides and also have a bit of a purge as well.I gave my daughter Fionna all the books i have read and also sorted throught the books for little Ella and she ended up with about 20 of them.
This is before..
This is after

I popped our fake fishtank on a shelf..i have added some little lights to it..

I think it looks much tidier and all my little bits and bobs have gone upstairs on the bookcase in my bedroom.Now i have some room for extra books..😊


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