Hello all,how are you?
Did you make it through the hottest day..i have to admit we were in the garden first thing but as soon as the heat came we went inside..and stayed there with the air conditioning on and plenty of drinks.
I went into the garden to water the flowers later in the evening but it was so humid not pleasant at all.
So everyone where has June gone..it has whizzed by and now July is upon us.

The garden is looking really good..apart from one thing..
 None of the Pears have made it..they all fell off again..i am seriously going to have buy another one and hope to get some cross pollination.
 The Apples are growing nicely
 So are the Plums..
 The trees are looking full and give us great shade
 New border is slowly filling up.
 Some of the Lobelia has started to flower
 I have a Sweetpea flower..only one but its a sign
 The other bunch is just growing away and i am hoping that i will look one morning and they have exploded in colour.
 Lazing fish..they love the warm weather and spend hours just on the surface laying around
 Unfortunately we have decided to not purchase any more chickens for now..the pen has been taken down and we are going to turn it into a small arbour for reading and realxing
 The Grapevine has gone berserk..grapes all over it

Looking at the weather for the week it will be cooler and so much easier to get any work done in the garden.


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