Blog break..

Hello all,how are you?
I have had a bit of a break from my blog and the world (if only)..hubby has had 2 weeks off work and we had plans to sort the kitchen and also his shed. That was before someone left the oven door open last week and nearly cooked us all(i mean the weather)..Thursday was horrific and then to top  it we had a rare phenomena of a collapsed thunderstorm.Not a wisp of cool air anywhere..thankfully we had fans and to be honest they were just blowing around warm air.No one got any sleep and a houseful of grumpy people is not good.So instead of working in the kitchen and garden i got out the glue gun and had some fun.
Iris and i made some little bottles..with craft stuff i have stashed in my big box
 I made Fern a dinosaur in a bottle

 Iris had a unicorn in jar

 Iris also made a rainbow jar
 I have 2 robins that were for the christmas tree but they would always get knocked off as the hanging thread was really thin..i cut it off ,went outside found a twig and glued one to it then the other to the bottom..

 This bottle was from JYSK in the reduced bin for 99p..the bottom is full of assorted buttons that match the dangly thingy..the dangly thingy has been hanging around for years.I can't remember where it came from or even when i got it.So i put a hook in the stopper and hung it there..then found buttons to go with colours of it..not bad for 99p really.
The dolphin in a jar...its so cute.I have had that dolphin for about 10 years was on a wind chime that i used to have in the bathroom years ago.I cut them off and saved them..i found another one the other day.The craft box seems to be endless and has lots of treasures hidden in it.

The Sweetpeas in the garden are flowering like crazy and the scent is just beautiful,not overwhelming just a waft of it .I cut some and had them inside,unfortunately they don't last long once cut but they look lovely for a day or two.
Even though its the holidays we still plan on schooling..not everyday but those days when its wet we will do it.
We made a potato clock..and darn if it didn't work.I was sceptical as the little kit was 99p from china..but nope i was proven wrong.

We also did an experiment with seashell and vinegar. I picked 3 different types from our collection.Never seen them fizz before.
 Ferns shell completely dissolved within 24hours
 Iris's shell almost disappeared
 Mine was filthy and just kept bubbling

 We put some stones in vinegar as well,just to see if anything at all would happen and nothing did.They were the same when they came out as when they went in.
 This is whats left of our shells after 24 hours..the round one on the bottom right was added later on as Ferns disappeared.
 This one was Iris's

 This is mine and to be honest it cleaned up really well and looks sparkly.

Life has still been busy..we helped our daughter and grand daughters move from a big  house to a small 2 up 2 down..bless her.
Her dad and brother in law did all the hard work and me and the girls sorted and tidied and made drinks for all.It was a hot day and we only had about 4 hours to empty her old house as that was how long we had the van was literally non stop and we all sweated buckets.
Thankfully we got it all done and she is now with her girls in her new nice and cosy little house.
I will be back in the week.
Take care all


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