Quit Ebay..

Hello all..
I love Ebay it was a good easy way of making a little extra money,until you get those buyers who are blatantly lying and still try to get money from you.
Twice in the last month i have sold items..i always have them tracked and check that it has been delivered.Now blackmail is an ugly word to use but i have had a buyer who despite receiving her bundle tried to say she hadn't..she said she wouldn't open a case against me if i gave her a full refund.
Feeling annoyed i told her that she could if she wanted too as i had proof the bundle had been delivered and i was not giving her a refund.I called her bluff and never heard another thing from her
I am a nice person and like to treat everyone with respect and honesty,obviously not everyone is the same.
So i weighed up the pros and cons of selling and found that i didn't want to do it anymore.
Instead i have just given the stuff away on Freecycle and my daughter puts thing on Facebook for me.
Don't get me wrong Ebay is a good place to buy and sell..its the undercurrent of buyers having all the rights even though the sellers are honest and reliable..Ebay mostly comes down on the side of the buyers.This is understandable but sometimes misguided.

Have a good day everyone.


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