Hello all,how are you?
Its June..my favourite month.
The garden is looking lush and green and flowers are really coming into their own now.

I followed a little bee around the garden and took some pictures of him going in and out flowers.
 This one you can just see him bottom
Same bee different poppy

I love how the garden is all filling out
 The Lilac has finished
 Look at the foxgloves..i only had 2 last year..

 My pear tree is dropping its fruits.
 I love this part of the garden..
 I bought  a new Lavender plant for the border and it seems to like it there.
 The Huchera is flowering and so is the other one a Cherry Cola Huchera
 The Clematis i moved in the trough is growing.
 The Sweetpeas are almost big enough for me to tie them to the trellis frame so they go up and spread out
 A foxglove just right next to the door of my she shed..
 My trees are in full leaf and look stunning when the wind blows them..i do like the way they sway
 Teeny tiny bee going in a foxglove
The Comfrey we split up earlier this year has survived and is now blooming

The greenhouses are overflowing and lots of little plants need potting on..

 This Lavender is almost flowering
 Outside the back porch..its lovely to come out and see the colours
 Our grapevine is doing amazingly well..
We have lots of little bunches of grapes..hubby watched a tutorial on how to prune them to get the better growth and grapes.
So that whats been happening here in the garden
In the house we have stripped the fireplace wall in the living room..i said i wouldn't replace the wallpaper until i found one better..well i did.
I will reveal more next week.


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