Houseful of poorly folk

Hello all.
Well its been a little down here at FTM mansion..all of us in some form or other seem to have come down with a virus.
Mostly snotty and headaches..but then some of us have had horrific stomach ache with numerous trips to the toilet.
And unfortunately Iris was violently sick..not just in the bathroom but my room when she came to tell me at 1.15 in the morning that she felt sick..across the landing and eventually in the bathroom which in all ended up looking like a crime scene. Poor girl was shaking and totally white.Bless her..i was holding her and cuddling her afterwards..i think it scared her.
Fern was a super sister and washed Iris , then took her to get changed and sat with her whilst i cleaned up..
Only sick once and it didn't have that awful sick smell..she was fine when i went to check on her..she slept in the next morning and was absolutely  on form when she got up.
Hopefully this week will be better.


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