From this to this

Hello all,how are you all?
We have redone the living room took ages for me to find the right paper.There are thousands to choose from and i think i found the right one.
I loved this one but it started to fade a little and looked tired.
I think this one is thing annoys me is that i had to buy 2 rolls to just do one wall..and we only used 1 piece from a new now i have a roll left will come in handy for patching up i suspect but i can say that we have never had to do that.

I had a clearout of ornaments as well..i got rid of a small box full..most of them were impulse purchases..i went around the house and looked at them..some were chipped and looked out of place.
I tried to move them around but it became chaotic so i got rid of them..well donated them to a charity shop..hopefully someone else will find them as  pretty as i did.


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