2 dry days at last..

Hello all,how are you?
Its been a very wet week..the people in Wainfleet are suffering from serious flooding and had to be evacuated.The pictures are awful and my heart goes out to all of them.
Here where i live we have had tons of rain and its been very humid.
Monday we had a dry day and i got all my laundry done and dry..i changed all the beds and cleaned the house from top to bottom..the girls were outside enjoying the sunshine.
Tuesday it was glorious when i got up..so all the bedding got washed and out to dry.
The girls harvested the Lavender and then helped me put the bedding plants in..
The fish thought they were going to be fed and were in a frenzy whilst we worked next to the pond.
My lovely husband took up turf and extended the border for me..

We also put up some string to hold up the Foxgloves that kept  leaning over on to the grass and whacking me in the face when i went to the washing line.
The girls helped me and hubby to put the bedding in..well they put the plants where they wanted them and we did the donkey work.
Whilst we did that they filled up tubs with compost and we filled them with Lobelia..

Hubby filled the trough with more Lobelia so hopefully we will have a huge wall of it..its all blue so a wave of colour on the trellis.
I put some bunting on the she shed and an Overwatch sign that the girls were given for Christmas..
I put the turf we took up in the chicken pen..hoping to get some new ones in the next few weeks.
The pond lillies are all flowering..i find these fascinating as they open when its sunny and close as soon as it disappears..so no flowers open when its all over cast..

We just got all done and were sat with a cuppa when it started to rain..perfect timing..it was a busy day but better to make the most of the sun when we get it.
The new border viewed from my dining room window.
I can't wait for all the little plants to bloom..fingers crossed it will be full of colour.
How did you spend the last 2 dry days?


  1. Such a gorgeous garden! It must give immense pleasure. xx


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