Sparrows everywhere..

Hello all,how are you?
Last week was a total washout..we didn't get anything in the garden done or at the allotments.Mind you i think the garden needed the rain and it certainly looks amazing in the sunshine.I always love to see the garden after it has had some rain..the grass looks greener and the soil looks darker and richer in colour.All my self set Foxgloves are growing fast and i for one cannot wait to see them flower.
On Saturday and Sunday our chicken pen was being made use of by the Sparrows..all the little babies who are just fledged were sitting in it,on it,near it and using it as practice to fly up and down. It was lovely to watch them.
I could not resist and out came the camera..

Mums and dads were popping in and out and showing the babies how to dig the grass and they were all hopping along the cute.The dog was watching with his tail wagging..not sure if he wants to play or eat them..thankfully they are safe behind the gate that the dog cannot get through.


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